Take A Virtual Reality Tour Of A Shipping Container Home In Mexico

virtual reality shipping container home virtual reality shipping container home

We can’t get over this amazing shipping container home (which you can check out in a virtual reality tour here!) built in La Tomeca, Mexico. Located not far from the border city of Tijuana, architect Daniel Moreno Flores has built what he calls the RDP House from seven 20′ shipping containers and one 40′ shipping container, the 2,700 square foot house screams airy, minimalist originality.

According to Designboom, “The client’s particular penchant for mechanical assemblies and metal as a material led to the decision to design a house using recycled metal containers which are affordable and in great abundance. it was clear that all the connections and materials the form the structure of the home were to remain exposed, indulging the client in his desire to live in a machine whose function and construction were easily understood at every angle and level of detail.”

virtual reality shipping container home

You can take a Virtual Reality-powered tour of the home on Matterport. Click around and get a sense of what it would be like to have your very own shipping container home! A very cool way for you to visualize the power of shipping containers as building blocks for a modern, original home.

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