Farm in a Box!

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Freight Farmers in Brampton, ON this passed week. We were incredibly impressed with the tour of their increasingly complex and obscure food system.

Essentially, these green houses are built and grown inside of shipping containers allowing farms to exist in areas that couldn’t support traditional methods. A combination of infrastructure and technology that allows local food to thrive – empowering individuals and organizations with the physical and digital solutions needed to supply their communities with fresh produce year-round, in all climate conditions.

  • Freight Farms (or the Leafy Green Machines) produces 2-4 tons of leafy greens every year.
  • The system uses less than 5 gallons of water per day (it’s all hydroponic which means they don’t use soil!)
  • Because of the insulated container, it can grow food in all kinds of harsh climates (they have farmers growing in -50 . degrees Fahrenheit and 120+ degrees Fahrenheit!)
  • It’s used by entrepreneurs to start new farming businesses, schools to offer hands-on education, corporations to offer a health and wellness amenity, non-profits to increase fresh food access in places that need it most, and so many more applications.

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