1. Barcelona Pizzeria

    Los Sopranos transforms recycled shipping containers into rustic Barcelona pizzeria. See more at: //

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  2. Kohler Booth

    Kohler makes a splash at ICFF with a neon chartreuse shipping container booth. See more at: //

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  3. Pan Am Container Market

    Here’s a look at the artwork on our Pan Am Container Market. They’re back in our yard until we ship them out to their new home. 

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  4. MAPT Container Pavilion

    As COP15 delegations continue in Copenhagen, Danish architects MAPT have erected a striking pavilion composed of a set of old shipping containers stacked up like building blocks. See more at: //

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  5. New Zealand on Screen

    New Zealand on Screen is a project to showcase Kiwi film, TV and music videos right on shipping containers! The organization wanted to engage visitors using dynamic facilities that could enliven quiet spaces…

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  6. Solar-Powered SPACE Shipping Container Office

    Solar-Powered SPACE shipping container office produces twice as much energy as it consumes. See more at: //

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  7. Johannesburgh Coffee Shop

    Cantilevered shipping container coffee shop pops up in Johannesburg: See more at: //

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  8. WingHouse

    The spacious prefab WingHouse unfolds from a shipping container. See more at: //

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  9. Environmentally-Friendly Homes

    Using old shipping containers is seen as an environmentally friendly means of constructing new homes. Taking this one step further, Sustainer Homes has begun making off-grid container dwellings that incorporate self-managed water, sewerage,…

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  10. WeAreArrow’s Container Store

    Take a peek inside We Are Arrow’s London studio: a revamped shipping container that doubles as an inviting retail space. //

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