SDI Designs at IDS 2019

We teamed up with SDI Designs for IDS 2019 to create WRKkit. One of four architecture experiments that represented Re-Space, a group project that involved Harrison Fae, Polymetis, A/C Studios and SDI. This project reinterpreted the way we live, work, play and learn (under the vowel versed themes of Re-Liv, Re-Wrk, Re-Ply and Re-Lrn) in ways that might spark new ideas for showgoers.

“Humans come in all shapes and size, enjoying different things and with their own preferences, but when it comes to the workplace, many companies still have a very one-szie-fits-all standard. WRKkit is a life-size kit-of-parts that can be refigured into thousands of configurations according to one’s ‘workplace personality’.

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