SOLUSYION’s patented Field Morgue System™

GIANT announces its collaboration with SOLUSYION Inc., a revolutionary new company that is changing the way emergency management processes are done. In partnership with GIANT, SOLUSYION (pronounced “Solution”) creates a Canadian answer to a world wide problem.
GIANT is proud to be able to build SOLUSYION’s patented Field Morgue System™, the evolution in managing multiple fatality incidents. The SOLUSYION Field Morgue System™ provides overflow capacity storage to hospital and health care organizations. The SOLUSYION Field Morgue System™ is part of a tiered response for mass casualty event management. 
SOLUSYION’s patented design offers:
  • Capacity for the storage of 30 adult bodies in a 29’ footprint;
  • The ability to transport full or empty owing to patented design systems;
  • Can transport full or empty, by ground, by heavy lift helicopter or by sea;
  • Cooling and heating to create a stable interior temperature in all weather, in a design that operates just like a real brick and mortar hospital.
The confidence of quality builds by GIANT.
The innovation of SOLUSYION’s design.


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