Giant Container Services is proud to work with Wasdell Falls Hydro Power Project to create this modified container office. Made out of three highly durable cargo containers – this structure will stand the test of time.

Background: Wasdell Falls Hydro Power Project

Over the past decade, Canadian and French researchers with support from the Canadian Government, developed the VLHTM (Very Low Head) turbine designed specifically for installation into existing civil structures and by-pass channels. This minimizes infrastructure costs, time for regulatory approvals, the time for construction and low environmental impacts compared to conventional hydropower projects.

There are approximately 30 VLHTM hydro plants, designed for water level drops of less than 5 meters, now operating in Europe that have shown to be a reliable, economic alternative to conventional hydro technologies. Canada has not yet capitalized on this clean power generation opportunity along with the social and economic benefits associated with this technology.

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