Composed of stackable, prefabricated modules, our shipping container homes offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution to affordable and supportive housing around the globe.

Benefits of residential shipping containers

Some of the primary reasons why more people choose modular shipping containers are:

Containers can be easily customized and transformed to align with specific branding or thematic requirements, creating a unique and immersive experience for consumers.
Unique and Eye-Catching
Shipping containers inherently stand out in various environments due to their industrial and distinctive appearance, immediately capturing the attention of passersby.
Containers are highly portable and can be relocated to different locations, enabling brands to engage with different audiences and markets as needed.
Easy installation
Containers are pre-fabricated structures, allowing for rapid setup and dismantling, which is particularly useful for time-sensitive marketing activations.

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A closeup of an award winning modular shipping container build

Examples of residential applications

“Affordable Housing brings stability, economic diversity and improves the physical quality of the neighbourhood.” – John Woods

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Bakyard office



From conceptualization, planning and material sourcing to building, delivery and installation