Giant Containers Inc. is a global manufacturer of custom modular shipping container structures. We offer our clients custom modular building solutions that can be move-in-ready faster than other construction approaches. We are pushing the limits of what can be achieved when great design ideas are applied to a simple shipping container building block.

Residential, commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

Our commitment to quality prefabricated construction and craftsmanship allows us to produce cost-effective sustainable spaces in a timely fashion. We provide creative modular solutions to both companies and individuals, with industry-leading customer service, cutting edge ideas and quality materials. We do this all while providing an unrivalled attention to detail and craftsmanship.

A Photo of a container home in the desert

From the very beginning, our mission was to deliver eco-friendly, affordable, custom structures in a timely fashion. From build-to-build we consistently noted the cost, labour, and construction time efficiencies, the low impact on the surrounding communities (noise, dust, pollution) and the minimization of waste compared to traditional builds. Our focus on delighting customers by exceeding their expectations has led to them championing our solutions to others. We have earned our market position because of our focus, integrity, imagination, and attention to quality.

Push the limits of what can be achieved with a great idea and a simple shipping container.

Our amazing team

Originally founded to meet a demand from customers for shipping containers to be used to secure and store equipment, Giant Containers Inc. has evolved to meet ever increasingly more complex customer requests and visions. Established in 2008, and incorporated in 2017 the Giant team has grown to a tightly integrated team covering sales, operations, logistics, marketing, architectural design, corporate development and strategic leadership.  Here are some of the key members of the Giant Family.

Daniel Kroft

An accomplished and visionary CEO, Daniel leads with unwavering dedication, shaping Giant's path towards excellence through strategic leadership and a relentless pursuit of innovation

Shannon Hall
Vice President, Operations

Shannon oversees and manages the day-to-day activities and strategic initiatives of a company's operational departments to ensure efficient processes and optimal business performance

Filippo Fontana
Vice President, Design

As Vice President of Design, Filippo spearheads the creative vision and artistic direction of our projects, driving innovation and ensuring the aesthetic integrity of our offerings.

Andrew Lockwood
Vice President, Sales

Since 2010 Andrew has lead and strategized the company's revenue generation efforts by overseeing sales teams, cultivating client relationships, and driving the achievement of ambitious sales targets.

Sara Garcia

As our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sara plays a pivotal role in managing and optimizing the financial health of our organization, overseeing budgeting, financial planning, analysis, and reporting

Gordon Kroft
Logistics Consultant

Logistics Consultant with over 50 years experience

Antonio Fernandes

Antonio supervises and coordinates welding operations, ensuring the efficient and safe execution of welding projects while managing a team of welders and adhering to quality standards and project timelines

Wren Leone
Billing Administrator

As Billing Administrator, Wren manages and processes financial transactions, invoices, and billing records within an organization to ensure accurate and timely payment processing.

Maria Fernanda Ayala
Junior Accountant

Since 2016 Maria has provided clerical support to the accounting department, assisting with tasks such as data entry, invoice processing, and financial record maintenance.