Mattamy Homes 9th Line Sales Center

This visionary project came to life through our partnership with Mattamy Homes. For this one-of-a-kind endeavor, Giant Containers was tasked with designing and constructing a three-story sales center that would serve as the heart of Mattamy Homes' new development, aptly named 'The Nine'. What makes this project truly extraordinary is the incorporation of 23 40' High Cube shipping containers, which were meticulously transformed to craft a revolutionary open-concept environment. For 'The Nine', we redefined the traditional concept of a sales center by removing the ceilings and floors of the shipping containers, thereby creating an interior ceiling height exceeding 25 feet. This design approach not only infused a sense of grandeur into the space but also allowed for the cultivation of an open and inviting atmosphere. This dynamic environment invites visitors to explore the intricate details of the property, fostering an unforgettable experience.







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