6 Ingenious Ways Shipping Containers are Being used in the Hospitality Industry

The versatility, convenience and sustainability of the shipping container are unmatched.The versatility, convenience and sustainability of the shipping container are unmatched.

Over recent years, the idea of using shipping containers as housing and other buildings has exploded in popularity. This is due to the fact that shipping containers are readily available, relatively cheap compared to other building materials, as well as provide a sustainable solution.

It’s no surprise, however, that the hospitality industry has jumped on this trend as well. Hospitality can include restaurants, hotels and bars, and represents a huge part of the global economy.

Hotels and AirBnBs

Travel has always been a booming industry, and people all over the world need places to rest and to sleep wherever they decide to land. With the rise of Airbnb providing affordable accommodations, it’s only obvious that shipping container hotels and lodging would become a popular choice. They can also offer a more unique experience with an added character that is charming to any worldly traveller passing through. A shipping container provides all the specifications needed for both the owner as well as the occupant visiting. They are cost-effective spaces that can be used and designed in a variety of different ways, in about any part of the world.

Holiday or Special Occasion Markets

Christmas comes only once a year, but during that time, Christmas markets seemingly pop-up out of nowhere. These festive markets appear all over the country and are a traditional family activity during the holidays. Well, with the rise of cargotecture, this has provided another option for Christmas vendors to house their goods.

Food Stalls

Pop-up food stalls have become a growing trend. They originated in Asia where millions enjoy street food every night, and it is now spreading to North America and the UK. New food stalls are being created every day, where space allows. Any disused or underutilized spaces can be the new home for a food stall or an area where small businesses can thrive with the use of shipping container architecture.


The next step up from a pop-up food stall is a restaurant. Many restaurant owners are opting for more affordable shipping containers to house their food creations. And most of the time, you won’t even recognize the fact that you are dining inside a shipping container! They can be decorated and designed with the highest standards, and they also provide ample dining space.


In the same vein, using a shipping container as a bar has also become a popular solution. They can also serve as a temporary bar during renovations. It seems like most new bar-owners want to hop on the trend of creating a quirky bar that stands apart from the rest, so many have turned to ship containers to help their vision come true.

Food Storage

Going back to its roots, shipping containers were originally used for storage, so using them as storage should come as no surprise. They can be outfitted with refrigeration so they can be able to provide you with ample space for excess food storage if your shipping container restaurant has been gaining in popularity.

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