The Need For Affordable Housing In North America

... and why modular structures are the solution... and why modular structures are the solution

In today’s uncertain economy, the need for affordable housing has not been greater. In an effort to provide housing for those who need it most, many local and federal governments are looking for new, viable and innovative approaches to tackling homeless and providing affordable and supportive housing solutions in communities across North America. Due to their modular style, efficient build times, and easy install, container developments are more commonly being recognized as the perfect solution.

In recent news, John Tory, the Mayor of Toronto, announced that the city is planning to build around 250 modular homes that should be ready by September, 2020, to help people experiencing homelessness.

Vancouver and Los Angeles have also passed a motion that sees temporary modular housing be constructed in residential areas across the city as they have seen a spike in homelessness due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Benefits of Modular Housing

As many cities across North America are looking for ways to combat homelessness and the real estate crisis, modular housing seems to be one of the best solutions for many reasons, including:

Simple construction compared to traditional houses

Modular homes are very cost-effective and they can be quickly transported and installed on-site. Each container is created in a factory and can be easily transformed to fit the requirements of a safe and supportive structure.   This plug and play method allows installation of our buildings to be much more efficient and allow for a quicker turnaround time on site.

Low Community Impact

When it comes to modular houses, there are no wasted materials to worry about and limited noise and pollution on site. As mentioned above, these containers are designed and constructed to code in a dedicated factory, brought to the construction site and assembled using heavy, high-quality machines.


During a traditional house construction, many external factors come into play that may end up delaying deadlines. Snow, rain, extreme heat and cold do not affect the construction of a modular home as they are built in a safe and controlled environment. Our container structures can be mass produced saving time and money when building out large scale residential developments.


Our state-of-the-art facility produces our purpose built structures of high quality steel. Unlike using wood or composite materials, our steel buildings stand the test of time. Our facilities are ISO 9001 registered and overseen by several inspection agencies. Alongside steel, our containers are equipped with cement board flooring, custom glazing, metal framing, spray foam insulation and eco-friendly water-based paints.

Our highly qualified team of architects and engineers are able to design and build different types of modular construction, including apartments, houses and office spaces. Contact us today to schedule a virtual appointment, and we are going to walk you through our process to ensure you get a customized solution for your modular home needs.

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